Resources to get you started with (competitive) programming

Be a better programmer, one step at a time.

Pratik Gadhiya
2 min readOct 7, 2018

Internet is full of resources. Getting started with competitive programming is easy, but to start with is a real mess. I am here yo guide you through the mess.

Every couple of days, I get messages on LinkedIn and Twitter seeking help while getting started with (competitive) programming. I feel happy while helping them get started!

“The very first step towards success is to become interested in it.” — William Osler

1. 🤦 Clear your head, by answering yourself — what & why?

After skimming through these links, you must have got the feel of what competitive programming is, and how it works.

2. 🙌 Get you hands dirty, by starting to code

Code Monk is a curated list of topics to help you improve your programming skills to the next level. The series focuses on aspiring programmers who aim to be better at coding.

Devote time to individual tutorials, and learn the concepts and try solving problems mentioned in the tutorials.

After completing 4th module (searching) of code monk:

3. 🛏 Once you feel comfortable (just comfortable)

4. 🏃 Push yourself further, by learning one topic at a time

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