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CodeChef Certified Data Structure & Algorithms Programme (CCDSAP) is a certification for assessment of proficiency in programming using Data Structures and Algorithms under a proctored environment. Know more at official webpage.

I appeared for the CCDSAP foundation exam on 19 November 2017 at Mumbai (Andheri) center through CCSAP Scholarship. Top scoring student, in November Long Challenge, from each institute, got a scholarship for appearing in the exam. And I was one of them.

My Experience

The exam went very smoothly. The staff at the center was welcoming. The problems were up to the mark. My tweet summarizes the overall experience.

Why certification on DS & Algorithms?

Exam Format

The exam will be of 3 hour duration under a proctored environment. You will be given 5 problems to solve of different difficulty levels. Each problem will have multiple subtasks. Solving each subtask will fetch you points.

Assessment Levels

Foundation (fluent with the basics of algorithms and data structures and can implement them in code)

Advanced (very good grasp of algorithms and data structures, and can solve most problems which arise in practice)

Expert (expert in algorithms and data structures, and has a deep understanding of a wide variety of topics)

How to prepare

CodeChef has curated the list of topics that would be tested during the exam. Know the syllabus and start preparing. The list is enough to hone your programming skills and crack the exam. Moreover, I have curated resources for you to get started and push yourself towards competitive programming:

My Views

The certification is quite important and could come handy when proving our programming skills to the recruiters.

Should you take it?

Yes. You will definitely learn many things while practising for the exam. This would be the real learning. If money is not the major issue for you, go after it. RUN!

Pratik Gadhiya is a CS undergrad and design enthusiast with a love for competitive programming and algorithms. I love passing on my knowledge and getting my colleagues and friends on internet excited about programming and technology. Connect with me on LinkedIn or say hi on Twitter.

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