Hasura Internship: 13 Things Learned

You grow by growing others!

Pratik Gadhiya
2 min readApr 4, 2018

How do I make most of my internship? How do I grow as an individual? What makes a company / start successful? Join me to find the answers to those questions in this brief, up-to-the-point post.

I take pride in being Product Development Fellow at Hasura from Dec ‘17 to Feb ’18. I observed & learned many things before, during & after the fellowship period. And I want to share those observations and learnings with you today. Let’s dive in!

Intern / community member…

  1. Engage with the community.
  2. Help your peers.
  3. Ask for help when stuck — people will willingly help you.
  4. Help ≠ spoon-feeding
  5. Spend time with your teammates/projectmates. Know them well!
  6. Research, before you seek help.

Getting involved in a community increases your individual growth-rate by 10 folds.

Community / startup / company…

  1. Self-motivated individuals makes great community.
  2. Proper communication opens gates to unexplored opportunities.
  3. Employees don’t command each other — they work by each other.
  4. Highly focused captain (leader) with clear vision steer the ship to the right course.


  1. Add fun at every corner of the space.
  2. Thrive to succeed every single day.
  3. Celebrate every small success by acknowledging the people behind the success.

Quick Tips…

  1. Be precise while seeking help. Don’t confuse others with your long, boring help message, as I’m currently doing. The message will be ignored, if your peers get confused.
  2. Don’t share information that you are partially aware of. If you do, state so.
  3. While seeking for help, phrase your question with all relevant information.
  4. Be thankful to others!

Everyone brings something to the table. What will you bring?

I’m glad that I ended up being a part of such an innovative & creative company like Hasura. Thanks a lot. Special thanks to the Captain Tanmai Gopal, relentless Arpit & Sandip, and all the 24x7 emergency rescue folks at Hasura.

Did I missed something that should be added to the article? Comment below, and let me know.

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